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Below is a live look at the chat application itself as an example to visitors looking to add a chat to their own website.

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  3. https://chat.htmlchat.org

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Hello and Welcome

Hello There

You have found the home of the most unique chat application on the internet. You can chat with and share images, including animated GIF images, videos, links, snapshots and music with users from all over the world or even create a custom chat room in seconds for your friends and family to join.

Wait, unique. Why ?

Our chat application has been active since the year 2000, long before the creation of today's social media sites and even before myspace came on to the web-world scene. It has been used on some of the most desirable domains the internet has to offer (See the Poo.Com Chat Site History page for more details).


In addition to those rare factors, our chat also supports the use of the Hypertext Markup Language being posted and parsed directly into the chat! This is something that few chat sites would even consider to undertake. As well as creating completely customised Alias Tags in HTML, adding a potentially stylish (depending on the level of your HTML-fu) look to your chat posts.

We should take a moment here to give kudos to dump.fm. A chat site that did support real HTML posting, while they lasted.

If you still need some more stunningly unique facts...

In almost two decades we have never resorted to inserting advertisements into our HTML enabled chat application. Ever. It has always been free to use and has never required any registration to join.

Alias Tags


If at this point you are thinking "What is all this 'Alias Tag' talk", fear not! One of the many great things about this chat site is that you may just get to learn a real web language while you are using it. An Alias Tag is usually just a simple HTML Table Tag with inline CSS on the style attribute. Take a look at the Alias Tags submitted by some of our Regular Users to help teach how they work and showcase how they could look for new users to the chat.

Adding The Chat To My Own Site

Chat Plugin

For those of you looking to add a chat application as a plugin for your own website, believe it or not we have you covered for that too! Infact, moreover we actually have an entire site devoted to exactly that, check out AddAChat.Com. You can also view our Add A Chat page for simple instructions on our chat creation code generator. The generator will fill in some of the available QueryString Options mentioned on our Chat Help page and return code for your site.

Posting Images


Posting images in to the chat can be done in a few ways. The most common is to copy the URL from any image you have found hosted on the internet and paste the URL directly into the chat's text input field and press enter.

We also have an animated GIF image searching tool that you can use by clicking the icon on the bottom left of the chat toolbar to open the search tool. Type in a keyword and hit enter. From the results you can click on the GIF image(s) that you want to post to the chat.

Finally there is the chat site's uploader that you can open and access by clicking on the upload icon.

These options are expressed in more detail on our Chat Help page.

Posting Videos


When you post any valid Youtube video URL into the chat it will automatically convert that URL into an 'Open Graph style tag' or just a 'Video Link' for simplicity. When these Video Links are clicked the video player will open and auto start the video. If you need more help posting videos to the chat then we go into more detail on our help page.

Occasionally videos may have a regional block or other forms of blocks. Note that these blocks are added by Youtube and are outside of our control.

Snapshot Posting


You can also share your webcam snapshots quickly and easily by clicking on the icon on the bottom chat tool-bar to open the Webcam Snapshot Panel. With the additional option of adding webcam effects or filters. If you need more help or details then check out our chat's help page, under Sharing Images In The Chat.



Although the world-wide-web has changed a lot over the years. One thing still remains true. Our chat site application still requires JavaScript to function and is as important to websites today as it was back then, if not more so. I would dread to see, let alone use any chat site that is only using CSS and HTML with HTML Form Posts. So if you do have JS disabled then our chat application will not work for you and most of today's internet will not be too kind to you either.

These days you will also require a browser that at the very least supports the following:

As you can see if you opened a few of the links above. This rules out IE.

There was a time when our chat application would only work within the Internet Explorer web browser. Today however, it is the one browser that will not work with the chat. This means that we could potentially lose around 3% of IE11 chatters from our chat app (2018), unless they are able to actively update their browser.

It is time that all IE users move away from the browser and all developers and site owners stop supporting it to help users along. The alternative is that IE may never die its natural death.

We support and would highly recommend using any one of the modern browsers available. Ideally the very latest version of either:

If you are using one of these browsers with their most up to date version and are still having problems loading or using the chat application then please Contact Us and let us know.


After reading through the pages on this site, if you still have any unanswered questions regarding the site or our chat application, then feel free to Contact Us for additional support. You may also find someone within the chat itself that may be able to help you with any in-chat issues.

If you would like to support us and our ever ageing chat site then please view the Support Us page for the many ways that you can do that. Thank You.