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Don't panic! I'm just a chat site... (18+ only)

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Hello and Welcome

You have found the home of the most unique chat application on the internet. You can chat with and share images, including animated GIF images, videos, links, snapshots, streams and music with users from all over the world or even create a custom chat room in seconds for your friends and family to join.

Wait, unique, Why ?

Our chat application has been active since the year 2000, long before the creation of today's social media sites and even before myspace came on to the web-world scene. It has been used on some of the most desirable domains the internet has to offer (See the Poo.Com Chat Site History page for more details).

In addition to those rare factors, our chat also supports the use of the Hypertext Markup Language being posted and parsed directly into the chat! This is something that few chat sites would even consider to undertake. As well as creating completely customised Alias Tags in HTML, adding a potentially stylish (depending on the level of your HTML-fu) look to your chat posts.

We should take a moment here to give kudos to dump.fm. A chat site that did support real HTML posting, while they lasted.

If you still need some more stunningly unique facts...

In over two decades we have never resorted to inserting advertisements into our HTML enabled chat application. Ever. It has always been free to use and has never required any registration to join and if you do decide to register, it is and will always be free.