Add Our Web Chat Application To Your Website

Customize The Poo.Com Chat Site For My Own Website

Chat Plugin

Note that your website does not have to support any server-side code such as PHP, so the following will work on any site you have, including free hosting.

The form below will enable you to quickly and easily create an HTML iframe chat tag that will contain the customized settings for your chat plugin. Simply copy and paste the code into your own website's HTML that is best suited to you.

Change Your Custom Chat Settings

  • Setting a new instance name will give you your own entire private chat instance.
  • If you'd like to use the main chat instance but in a new room, then simply enter a new room name.
  • Setting 'name your visitors' will give them that name when they first join the site, but they can change the name later.
  • Setting height and width of your iframe chat can be in pixels or percentages

Advanced Options

  • Setting the sidebar to off will close it by default, the sidebar contains the room list, user list and chat settings buttons.
  • Setting chat format off by default means that HTML support is disabled.
  • Setting chat images will alow your users to either load images as an image (on), a resized image (small) or just a link (off).
  • Setting background default to off will set users with a default tag (assuming format is off then that will be everyone) to a transparent tag background.
  • Setting a chat background wil give all of your visitors the background color/image, this is ideal for theming the chat to match your own site. (Color names (eg: red, blue, lime) or hex color codes (eg: #800,#ff0000,#444) and even an image url will work for a chat background (eg:

Copy & Paste This Code To Your Website's HTML

Click this button to open the chat with images on by default. Recommended if you are at home and over 18 years old.
Click this button to open the chat with images off by default. Recommended if you are chatting from work or under 18.