Our Chat Application Has A Few Rules


Because our chat site has never displayed advertisements and hopefully never will, our chat rules and content have not been dictated by advertisers. Therefore we have easily been one of the most tolerant chat sites on the internet for almost two decades.

We also provide many tools and options in order for you to manage users and content that exceed your own personal tolerances. You get to be your own dictator without having an intrusive affect on other users. If that is not a true democracy then I don't know what is.

For example; If you dislike a user for any reason, you can simply ignore them. If you do not like the images or videos that a user posts, then you can disable them or even turn off all images completely. You could even create your own room with access to all of the same tools and resources available to any other room.

In short, you get to set your own personal rules through these chat tools and we trust that you do not need big brother watching over you.

Chat Rules

All of that said, to protect the ongoing longevity of the chat site we do have some rules which are based on hosting terms and conditions as well as common sense and common decency.

Age Restrictions

The content of our chat application is monitored under an MPAA-style rating system. Therefore when images are turned on, because we can not predict if or when content of an adult nature will be posted, the default rating becomes NC-17 (with the exception of green shield rooms) and when images are turned off the actual content of the chat will never exceed an MPAA rating of PG. More specifically 'Strong Language'. However, because this is a real-time chat, we set our minimum content rating to PG-13. This means that:

  • All users under the age of 13 require a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
  • All users under the age of 18 should be using the chat with images set to OFF. Unless the name of the room you are in is marked with a green shield.


If one or more of the following rules are not met it could result in a long term ban and a possible report to your ISP:

  • No uploading or posting of illegal content of any form.
  • No uploading or posting of gore or material designed or aimed to be excessively offensive.
  • Pornographic material is restricted from rooms marked with a green shield.

Flooding Or Spamming

The following are very much frowned upon and could possibly result in a short term ban, a time-out or cause you be be globally disabled.

  • Posting spam into the chat, whether manually or automated.
  • Flooding posts into the chat, whether manually or automated.

We commonly see users flooding the chat to remove a post or image content from the chat. This is not usually the correct way to do that. The usual correct way is to simply delete the post or ignore/disable the user that made the post.

Delete Chat Post


Any URLs posted within the chat application that are clearly created as an attempt to Dox other users could result in said URL(s) being blacklisted from the application.

Proxies, VPNs Or Tor

Networks designed to hide a user's identity may be challenged or even blocked at any given time. Unfortunately when these networks are left untouched it doesn't take long before someone abuses them. For the 1% of users that use them correctly (for privacy) you can blame the other 99% that do not.

Idiots And Trolls

You do not need to report users that post stupid comments, that is very much common place and nothing new to any chat site. Ignore is your best tool against trolling and general racism/ignorance online. Do not feed the trolls and attention seekers (unless you really enjoy it).


Should you happen to see any user or users breaking these rules then please feel free to Contact Us with the subject 'Report User' and provide their ID number, chat name and flag location. Thank you.

Click this button to open the chat with images on by default. Recommended if you are at home and over 18 years old.
Click this button to open the chat with images off by default. Recommended if you are chatting from work or under 18.