Our Chat Application Has A Few Rules


Because our chat site has never displayed advertisements and hopefully never will, our chat rules and content have not been dictated by advertisers. Therefore we have easily been one of the most tolerant chat sites on the internet for over two decades.

We also provide many tools and options in order for you to manage users and content that exceed your own personal tolerances. You get to be your own dictator without having an intrusive affect on other users. If that is not a true democracy then I don't know what is.

For example; If you dislike a user for any reason, you can simply ignore them. If you do not like the images or videos that a user posts, then you can disable them or even turn off all images completely. You could even create your own room with access to all of the same tools and resources available to any other room.

In short, you get to set your own personal rules through these chat tools and we trust that you do not need big brother watching over you.