Supporting The Poo.Com Chat

Helping Support The Chat

To the detriment of everyone, today's huge social media sites are dominating and consuming the average internet user's time online, so that chat sites specifically as a whole are being used less and less. In case you think that we are being biased, hear it straight from a former executive of Facebook.

It is important to clarify the fundamental differences between Social Media sites and chat room communities and this was covered fairly well at SocialMediaToday.Com

Social Media.

  • Bound together by pre-established interpersonal connections
  • Each connection has his or her own social network
  • Characterized by a spider web-like "network" structure

Online Communities.

  • Bound together by a common interest or topic
  • ANY person can be a part of ANY community
  • Characterized by a more complex overlapping and "nested" structure


How To Help

So if you would like to support independent chat sites like this then there are lots of ways to do so. Here are some of those ways:

Using It!

This may seem obvious, but it is listed here first because it is the most important way you can support the chat site and therefore it has to be stated.

Without a doubt the most valuable users to any chat site or online community in general are those that contribute in a wide range of topics and share day-to-day events with other users. They return regularly (hence gaining the term 'The Regs') and stay around through the good times and the bad. Without those users acting as the back-bone of the community and tying it all together, you essentially have nothing more than a chat full of noise and maybe a dash of spam.

Sharing It

If you have managed to pull yourself away from twitter and/or facebook long enough to use this chat site then maybe you can also pull a friend away too ? Share the chat link with them and give it a try.

Reporting Bugs

Over the years there have been many changes and adjustments to the chat and the same is still true to this day. As new changes come in the occasional minor bugs manage to also slip in. If you happen to stumble on one of those little buggers then please report it. Also, if you are the type to go the extra mile then telling us how to reproduce the bug is much appreciated.

Searching For Bugs / Exploits

For those that have experience and skill in bug hunting and exploit finding, we would love your support!

Adding It To Your Own Website

Adding the chat to your own site not only gives your users a fun customised chat plugin to use, but it also helps us to expand. Even if you have a low traffic site, consider pointing the chat plugin to an already public/active room.

Dedicating A Sub-Domain

If your are a site owner you could help support us by setting a sub-domain (ideally 'chat.yourdomain.tld') to either host a cloned index or even domain forwarding to one of the following:


If you do decide to help us through this method, then let us know by Contacting Us.

Note: Clone indexing will be subject to version changes and require semi-regular updates.

Submitting Suggestions

Unlike large corporate sites, the chances of a suggestion being considered here is FAR greater. So feel free to make them. Any ideas for improvements are more than welcome. Any suggestions for new features or modifications of current features will be considered. Contact Us With Any Suggestion

Adding A Link On Your Site

Another great way to support the chat is to add one or more of the links below to your website. All inbound links can help us to rank a little higher in the Search Engines, which in turn can help more people to find and use the chat. Giving all of us more people to chat with and resulting in a more interesting user experience all round.

Free Online Chat
Add A Chat To My Site
HTML Enabled Chat
Click this button to open the chat with images on by default. Recommended if you are at home and over 18 years old.
Click this button to open the chat with images off by default. Recommended if you are chatting from work or under 18.